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Our Bottled Oils – regional and in highest organic quality, now available in your supermarket!

Our six different virgin bottled oils in Demeter und Bioland quality are now available at Kaufland, EDEKA, Denn`s and Sutterlüty supermarkets as well as in organic food stores, at 0,25 L or 0,5 L. Offer includes sunflower oil, organic gold of pleasure oil, lineseed oil, rapeseed and sesame oil.

News from the initiative organic seed sunflowers

Although sunflower oil is very popular, there are only hybrid varieties in organic farming. That`s why some organic companies merged in 2012. They support Peter Kunz's grain breeding in developing organic "High Oleic" sunflower varieties.

In 2017, the first newly bred organic population was tested in different geographical locations with satisfactory results, with good oil content and good plant health. Sufficient seed has been produced to carry out further field trials in 2018. If the results of the 2018 harvest are satisfactory, several selected organic farmers can already take part in further field trials in 2019. At the same time, the variety registration can be initiated.

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New deposit system

Dear customers of Ölmühle Oberschwaben,

For over a year now, the Oberschwaben oil mill has been pressing its own organic oils and has been marketing them far beyond the borders of Upper Swabia. You know us as a service-oriented and reliable partner, and first of all we would like to thank you for this trust.

From January 1, 2017, we will therefore set up a simple deposit system for the return of our Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) delivered to you to increase the quality of service. For this purpose, there is a pledge no. on each IBC to avoid confusion.

The basis for picking up the empty IBC is just a simple message which we receive from you by fax or Email. After that, we will only coordinate the ideal pick-up day for you. Ideally, you should give us the number of the IBC so that we can initiate the settlement with you quickly.

The item "deposit IBC" will be charged in future invoices with 140 EUR / per IBC. Upon receipt of the completely emptied IBC, you will immediately receive a credit for the entire deposit amount shown.

To keep the effort you have to inform us as low as possible, you will soon find a downloadable fax form on our website which you can use to order IBC collection.

At the same time, we will also activate another, new email address, which only applies to the IBC deposit system, in which you can also notify us of the pick-up. Of course, our disposition department is still available at the email address

We are pleased to be able to offer you a simple and free solution for returning the exchange IBC with our deposit system. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you.

Your Dreher Bio GmbH

Berthold Dreher with team