Cer­ti­fied Organ­i­cally Grown Demeter/​Organic Flours

Pro­teins are an essen­tial com­po­nent of every human’s nutri­tion. With regard to a steadily growing world pop­u­la­tion and a decreasing avail­ability of raw mate­rials, we are required to develop new, alter­na­tive pro­tein sources. Here, too, the Ölmühle Ober­schwaben is making its con­tri­bu­tion to pro­gres­sive and sus­tain­able food pro­duc­tion. In 2019, we invested in a spe­cial grinding plant, which enables us to fur­ther refine the press cake from oil pro­duc­tion into fine flours. The pro­tein con­tent of our press cake flours is between 30 — 50 % — 100% plant-based, fully vegan and 100 % BIO.

Discover Our Diverse Assortment of Demeter/Organic Flours

Organic Poppy Flour

At a 35% min protein content, our poppy flour offers a healthy alternative to conventional wheat flour. Especially in muffins and cakes its intensive poppy taste takes a centre stage.

Organic Peanut Flour

The distinct, nutty flavor of our peanut flour makes it a special resource. Our peanut flour convinces with a protein content of at least 45% and a very light, white colour.

Organic Macadamia Nut Flour

While our macadamia nut flour has a lower protein content of only about 25%, it convinces with a fresh, sweet nutty flavor. Its color is a light yellow.

Organic Walnut Flour

Our flour with an intensive, walnut-like flavor. It makes a great addition in healthy cakes, breads and muffins. The protein content lies at about 44%.

Organic Almond Flour

The classic among the nutty flours! With its light colour, the sweet taste and high protein content of over 50%, our almond flour is the favourite among vegan protein shake alternatives.

Organic Sesame Flour

At a protein content of at least 46%, our sesame flour covers a wide spectrum of amino acids. Our seed originates primarily in India and is subject to rigorous analysis before processing in order to guarantee a clean and 100% organic product. This sesame flour has a pleasant original taste coupled with a slightly bitter hint.

Organic Lin­seed Flour

Our brown linseed flour convinces with its desirable nutrients – rich in fibre, high omega-3 content, and a 30% protein content to top it off. This fine, brown flour is nearly tasteless, and can be added to muesli, shakes, or baked goods.

Organic Sun­flower Seed Flour

The new alternative to soy protein – 100% non-GMO - 100% European! Regional cultivation, short delivery routes and an impressive 48% of protein! Our alternative base of a sustainable resource for texturates and baking mixes. Our sunflower seed flour presents tastelessly.

Our Demeter/Organic Flours

Our protein flours: high quality. versatile. gluten-free.

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